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Novruz is the happiest and the most ancient holiday in Azerbaijan, which means "A New day". It is interpreted as "the beginning of a new harvest, bread". Waking of the nature, life begins from Novruz and the people of Azerbaijan begin to celebrate it one month prior to it in festive conditions. Thus, before the Novruz holiday Air, Water, Fire and Earth Wednesdays are celebrated. Novruz is associated with spring, start of agricultural activities, renewal of nature and warm days.

This period being of great importance it caused many traditions and rites associated with magic, the cult of nature and earth, and belief in the perishing and reviving nature etc. All days that preceded the holiday were given to profound home-cleaning and concoction of holiday food, which had its own traditions. For instance, it should have included components usually not used. Here the magic "7" has to be mentioned as an element often found in Novruz rites, among which seven things is remarkable. Actually, it consisted of putting seven things - salt, bread, an egg, rue, a piece of coal and a mirror - in a copper tray onto the holiday table and leaving them for 12 days. Conceivably, this tray and things was a sort of gift to the sun.


In 2009, Novruz was added to the UNESCO list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and, in 2010, the United Nations General Assembly recognized 21 March as the “International Day of Novruz.”

Celebrating Novruz holiday in Azerbaijan is very interesting and colorful. Folk festivals are organized in the centre of Baku city during the Novruz holidays. We invite our guests to plunge into a festive atmosphere and closer experience the genuine hospitality of our city.


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