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Thank you for the transfer services provided in time and wonderful hotel. In total we've got 100 companies interested in mutual cooperation, and we hope that there will be results not only in Azerbaijan but in other countries as well. And let me note: beautiful city, friendly people, great weather and nature! Hope to see you again next year.

Vladimir Zhuikov. 

Pilot plant “Teploagregat. Russia



Back in Lugano. Everything OK. Hotel top, bus and driver OK, guide very cooperative and efficient. Many thanks for everything you have done.

Paolo Bonalumi

Lions Club Lugano, Switzerland


Everything was fine. The local guide is OK - in the beggining he was a bit "shy" but after first day - super. Transportation - food - super. hotels - very very good. I'm glad that we chose your company for partner! By the way the whole group like Baku very much and most of them want to have more time in the capital and more free time there :) and thank you again for the great service!
All very well organized. Excellent hotel. Excellent staff. Lovely people, beautiful country and much progress. Thank you.
Marco Antonio Alves
Many thanks for all your help and good job with Sferamed and my colleagues in Baku. The Fair went well for us because we meet very good company and persons.
Frederico Gil
SFERAMED Healthcare Group / Portugal /
We really liked Baku. Especially I want to state that you helped us a lot in the organization of our trip to the exhibition, and did an excellent job. Thank you. We hope to come to the next exhibition
Laudat Dalimil
WATEK s.r.o. / Czech Republic /
We are completely satisfied with your services, did not have to clarify anything. Transfer was in time, the visa was done quickly and not expensive. Thank you, we'll be happy to request to you again next time!
TRIMMERMATE / South Korea /
A belated thanks for your wonderful support, beautiful smile and super service. It was a pleasure meeting you and sorry I am so late to thank you…. I think it’s better late because I know you were up to your eyeballs in work before-during and after exhibition …Once again I thank you with sincere gratitude for your support.
Pradeep Fernando
ARABIANLINK Tours / United Arab Emirates /
So, herewith I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and the CSIR for the professional and trustworthy service. We were highly impressed by yourself and your colleagues.
Rujeanne Swanepoel
CSIR DPSS / South Africa /
With the grace of God we have completed our visit to Azerbaijan. Baku is a beautiful place and we are very happy that we took this visit. We are in Mashhad now for Ziarat. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services.
Dr Mohamed Redha Al Lawati
Again, thank you so much for your wonderful support during their stay. We appreciated because this trip couldn't be done without your efficient arrangement. Actually we never met such a special travel agency in abroad. To be honest even in Japan we also never met as well. We deeply appreciated so much for this great opportunity and we hope to work with you again in a close future!
Aya Hiratsuka
Thank you very much for your smooth and helpful cooperation before and during ADEX Exhibition. If we come to Baku on another occasion we will definitely get in touch with your agency and take benefit of your help.
Krzysztof Szwarc
EXPO LINIA Sp. z o.o.  / Poland /
Great! Your company is fantastic. Thank you for all the wonderful assistance.
Jeff Holachek
HONEYWELL  / Turkey /
I thank your company  for the excellent organization for our delegation during the conference. All services are provided in a timely manner and with high quality. We plan to continue our cooperation in the case of new projects in Azerbaijan.
Yuriy Kryukov
BLOCK LLC / Russia /
Thank you very much for your cooperation. We didn’t expect that so high standard of your services, our expectations were fulfilled. In the next time when we visit Baku or any other place in Azerbaijan, we will again contact GREENWICH Travel Club.
Jan Prikryl, Jitka Koppova, Zdenek Dostal
PRECHEZA A.S. / Czech Republic /
Thank you for good services offered by you. For our next stay in Baku, we will for sure come back to you and your company for Visa / Hotel issues.
Pamela Hasler
Your assistance was perfect before and during Bakubuild. I wish every exhibition was supported with a similar service.
Rony Sutton
SAPS SAS / Italy /
We are very pleased with your services and the great hospitality during our stay in Baku and on behalf of our group, we would like to thank you for your very professional and kind attitude.
Sabina Coko
UNIS GROUP / Bosnia and Herzegovina /
Thanks so much for your kind note. We really enjoyed our stay in Baku and had a good show at the Exhibition. We were very satisfied with the services you provided. Thank you.
Larbi Ouchelouche
SPEEL PRAHA, LTD  / Czech Republic /
 I am glad to be in position to thank you for all the services provided, for which I am perfectly satisfied. And I will be pleased to come to you next time I have to come to Azerbaijan. Thank you very much again, kind regards.
Cécile-Maria Wietzke
PROENGIN / France /
We really enjoyed the service that you and your colleagues provided to arrange for our stay in Baku. The hotel and transportation arrangement was very good. We also appreciate the arrangements you made to obtain our visas, all went fluently. We also appreciated your presence at ADEX to provide us with further support, much appreciated.
Once again thanks for your excellent support. I hope we will have the opportunity again to visit Azerbaijan. In that case we will certainly request your services again.
Rudolf Muermans and Bangsuk Yun
THALES GROUP / Turkey / 
It was a pleasure working with you, thank you for all the support and assistance you’ve provided to us in the runtime to BIHE and during the show. We wish you and your company every success."
Lisa Slavova