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Useful information

About Azerbaijan

Capital of Azerbaijan: Baku city

Official language: Azerbaijani

Religion: Majority of the population is Muslim.

Currency: Azerbaijan manat (AZN). 1 manat = 100 qapik. Foreign currency can be exchanged for Azerbaijan manats in all banks and all official exchange points.

Zone time: GMT + 4 hours

International dialing code: +994

Electric current: 220 V

International airport: Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport. Airport Code: BAK. Location: 25km (16 miles) east of Baku (30 minutes).

Food and Drinks in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani food combines Turkish and central Asian elements. Baku also has an excellent selection of Western style restaurants. In the chaykhanas (tea houses), men linger for hours drinking sweet black tea out of tiny glasses (armudy) and playing nard (backgammon). A special place in the cuisine belongs to lamb kebabs of which there are many different varieties. Salads are served together with main course.



• Lyulya kebab (spiced, minced lamb pressed onto skewers).

• Piti (a mutton and chickpea soup).

• Kutab (pancakes stuffed with minced meat or herbs or pumpkin).

• Badimjan Dolmasi (aubergine, tomatoes and sweet peppers filled with minced mutton served with sour cream).


Things to know:

Although the majority of Azeris are nominally Shia Muslims, alcohol is widely available.



Expected by waiters in most restaurants. 10% is fine.


Regional drinks:

Wines and brandy (cognac) are produced locally.

Sherbets are popular soft drinks made of sugar, lemon, saffron, seeds of mint and basil.

Tea is served accompanied by various jams such as quince, fig, apricot, white cherry and plum. Sometimes dried leaves or flowers of savory, clove, cardamom as well as darchin (cinnamon) and ginger are added to tea.



Foreign currency must be declared upon arrival. The amount of cash brought out of the country should not exceed the amount stated in the declaration on arrival. Export of the amount exceeding $1000 USA (or its equivalent) is charged 1% tax. Bringing items intended for private use is permitted free of charge, including up to 3 blocks of cigarettes, 1,5 l of strong alcoholic beverages, 2 l of wine, needed medicines. It is permitted to export personal belongings, articles of craft and goods obtained in the country. Export of any antique goods (including precious stones, coins, transcripts and other works of art as well as carpets and handiworks produced before 1960) is forbidden without the correspondent official certificate of the Ministry of Culture. Such certificates are given automatically only in the official art shops (private shops and markets do not have such certificates). Export of more than 600 g of caviar,valuable timber trees, antlers of elks and roedeers is forbidden. Transit of narcotic substances, guns and ammunition (excluding shotguns for which permission is given), literature and video materials offending moral and violating laws of the country is forbidden.



National currency of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijan manat (AZN). Foreign currency can be exchanged to Azerbaijan manats in all banks, ATMs, currency exchange points. Master Card/Visa are acceptable in banks, hotels and many stores. Banks` working hours are from 9.30 to 16.00 from Monday to Friday. Banks are not working on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.



GMT + 4 hours (GMT + 5 hours from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October).